It is absolutely necessary for Oklahoma to take advantage of the capital available for solar and wind energy. We can be a top producer for both if only the right people in the right offices pushed for changes that would benefit our state for the long term. Alex is that person. It is also critical that we have representatives who will protect our water, both in quality and ownership.

Land, Water, and Air Quality

The reality is, our climate is in crisis. If changes are not made, Oklahomans will not be able to sustain their lives here. Fracking causes earthquakes, and it pollutes our ground water and aquifers. We must not continue to allow corporations to exploit us on our lands for our resources.

Renewable Energy Initiatives

Alex has supported local-level initiatives, like Ready for 100%, which is a commitment for cities to be totally reliant on renewable energies by 2035.

End Oil and Gas Tax Breaks

When the GPT was restored to 7% in the 2018 session, it resulted in state revenue collections totaling over $300 million. 7% is still lower than the average of OK’s surrounding states. Oklahoma should put an end to an unnecessary subsidy to a profitable industry by taxing all production at 10% percent.


Education is a Right, not a Privilege. Alex supports increased funding towards Public education. As a former teacher, she knows the struggles of students and teachers inside the classroom. Alex believes that we must provide all students with equal and equitable opportunities for the acquisition and application of knowledge.

Per Pupil Spending

Oklahoma ranks 43rd in per pupil spending. Our students are not receiving the individual or monetary attention they need to truly excel in their coursework. Alex knows what it is like to be in the classroom with students who have diverse needs and interests, and understands that public education needs to be adequately funded, and that it must be a priority.

Classroom Caps

We need to bring classroom caps back and keep them honest. During the teacher walkout, a raise is not all educators were asking for. They want to be able to provide meaningful lessons for their students, and that means having enough supplies for everyone, and enough time to dedicate individual attention to each student's needs.

Teacher Pay

Alex is familiar with the unique struggle of working a part time job at a restaurant after teaching all day at school, just to make ends meet. Teachers make sacrifices every day for their students and for their families. A $3,000 raise is not enough to make up the difference. Our teachers deserve far more for their time and passion.

Higher Ed

As a former teacher with a Master's degree, Alex knows what it feels like to live in debt to student loan sharks. OK community colleges and vocational schools should be publicly subsidized, as they increase the likelihood of student success after graduation. The incumbent of SD15 has voted against higher ed spending, and public education spending in general. Alex will always be in favor of increased funding toward public ed.


Healthcare is a Right, not a Privilege. Alex will fight for lower costs to Oklahoma patients, since pharmaceutical and insurance companies are hell-bent on driving up drug prices. She supports Medicaid expansion and caps on drug prices, especially those that are necessary to the survival of many, like insulin.

Unfair OK Tax Structure

Economic Equity

Working Oklahomans stay true to our state's motto, “Labor Omnia Vincit,” (Work Conquers All), but contrarily, our current legislature continues to put corporate profits over the public welfare.

Oklahoma is one of the top 10 states in tax inequality. Alex believes in providing tax equity by restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit and pushing for progressive tax reform. She will fight for Retirement as a Right, a $15 minimum wage, and she will demand that OK repeal the anti-labor, "Right to Work" law.

Support Working Families

Restoring the Earned Income Tax Credit and increasing the Sales Tax Relief Credit must be a priority. The EITC supports poverty reduction by increasing the income of poorer families and generates additional spending back into the economy.


Oklahoma is one of the regressive states in the nation for tax equality. Although almost 16% of Okies live in poverty, they must still pay up to 5% in income tax, and more in sales taxes depending on the combined state and local tax. The top earners in our state pay far less than those who

Fighting Poverty

The federal poverty level for a single earner is $12,060 while a family of 4 is $24,600. Oklahoma's poverty rate, 15.8% has exceeded the national average, 13.4% for years. Impoverished families and individuals are still paying income and sales tax, despite their low wages. Sales tax is the most regressive and disproportionately affects low and middle income families, worse yet, groceries are not exempt. We must demand Medicaid expansion, minimum wage increases, sales tax relief, and progressive tax reform to fight poverty.

Job Security

To secure economic equity, Oklahoma must repeal the “Right to Work,” amendment which has had a detrimental effect on Oklahoma’s workforce. Large corporations who exploit their work force are the only entities benefiting from "Right to Work". Further, Alex will fight for a $15 minimum wage and the right for workers to unionize and bargain for higher pay and better benefits.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Transportation and infrastructure investments provide our economy what it needs to truly thrive. We must strive to provide multi-modal services, increased safety precautions, and overall ease of travel.

Technological Advances

Access to the internet is a necessity. Technology advances far faster than government can keep up. We need a plan for the digital age if we want to protect jobs and families. Bringing Oklahoma up to date with the changing world will benefit us all.

Criminal Justice

The justice system guarantees profits to the private prison industry rather than providing services to protect citizens. Criminal Justice in Oklahoma does not work for the average citizen, and we have many changes to make to correct the issues embedded in our systems.